Kristen Craig submited on 19/07/2019

It was brought to our attention that there was a clerical error on the TITLE of our Texas Ethics course.  All certificates for the course taken in 2018 and 2019 should read :  Ethics and Professional Conduct for TexasCPAs.   If you printed a certificate out prior to July 19,2019 it could read Texas Ethics: An overview for Texas CPAs. This is not the correct title to the course although you did in fact take the correct course.   We have corrected all customer accounts so if you reprint the certificate it will reflect the corrected course title.

All materials were updated and approved by the Texas Board of Accountancy and they have been made aware of the situation.  If you previously submitted your certificate, there should not be a problem at this time as we have submitted a statement in writing to the Texas BOA with the steps made to correct the problem.

Should you need assistance with reprinting your certificate, please feel free to contact customer service.

Should you have any problems reporting this course to the State Board, please contact our Course Compliance Manager, Kristen Craig at 1-800-977-8641 x13 or by email kristen.c@cpe247.com.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and tranparency with our clients.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.