The Four Principles of Happy Cash Flow

The Four Principles of Happy Cash Flow
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Credits: 4
Prerequisite: None
Level: Basic
Model: LH10
Author: Leita Hart-Fanta
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Fields of study: Finance
Format: PDF

The Four Principles of Happy Cash Flow

Cash is the most powerful asset your business can have. The Four Principles of Happy Cash Flow reveals four simple rules to keep the cash flowing through your business. In addition to these principles, the course covers such concepts as using profit margins, minimizing inventory, increasing volume, collecting money faster, and stretching vendor payments. The author offers advice and provides examples of businesses that use cash flow well so that you can learn from those businesses.

This course is an easy-to-understand guide for those who want to understand cash flow, who are planning to start a business, or who are looking to improve cash flow in their established businesses.

Course objectives include:

  • Recognize the benefits of generating cash flow
  • Identify the phases of the business cycle and where cash flow principles are best applied
  • Identify the first principle of Happy Cash Flow™
  • Identify the second and third principles of Happy Cash Flow™
  • Distinguish between metrics used to measure the speed of the cash conversion cycle
  • Identify methods to generate additional profits
  • Identify how successful companies apply the principles of Happy Cash Flow™ to generate cash flow
  • Apply the principles of Happy Cash Flow™ to service organizations and other industries
  • Identify techniques to collecting from customers faster
  • Identify techniques for minimizing inventory.
  • Identify techniques for stretching payments to vendors.
  • Identify the benefits and costs of cash flow projection
  • Identify the steps for creating a step-by-step cash flow forecast



Additional Contents : Complete, no additional material needed
Advance Preparation : None
Intended Participants :
Professionals responsible for managing cash flow, receivables, payables, inventory, performance metrics, and budgets

Course Declaration : Participants must complete the final examination within one year of purchase. A minimum passing grade of 70% or better is required to receive CPE
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