License Renewal Date
8/1 Renewal; even license number=even years; odd license number = odd years

CPE Reporting Period
1/1 to 12/31 biennially; even license number = even years; odd license number = odd years.
IMPORTANT: No grace period allowed - all CPE must be completed by 12/31 or CPA must go through reinstatement procedures.

General Requirement
80 hours if the CPA worked >3000 hrs; 60 hours if the CPA worked <3000 hrs. in public accounting firm. 60 hours if employed in industry, education or government.

Ethics Requirement
Effective July 1, 2010, the basic requirements of 80 or 60 hours must include 2 hours of professional ethics.

Other Subject Area Requirements

Credit Limitations

  • The maximum credit for instructors is 60% of total hours. Instructors are allowed one hour for each contact hour and up to two times the actual class time for preparation.
  • The maximum credit for Published articles/books it is 25%.

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