Rhode Island

License Renewal Date
6/30  (Renewals are based on fiscal year ending 6/30 by last name A-E, F-M & N-Z triennially.  F-M renewed 6/30/10.  Renewal application is due by 2/15 to give Board time to process by 6/30, but actual license terms are 7/1-6/30 triennially.)

CPE Reporting Period
Triennial from 1/1 to 12/31

General Requirement
120 hours

Ethics Requirement
Beginning with the 3-year reporting period ending December 31, 2007, 6 hours in subjects devoted to professional ethics every three years:

  • Subjects devoted to professional ethics will include programs devoted to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, including opinions issued there under, as well as programs relating to the legal, professional or ethical codes of any authoritative organization or accounting professional specialty organization.

Other Subject Area Requirements
24 hours in Accounting and Auditing

Credit Limitations

  • Personal Development and Marketing courses are limited to 24 credits per reporting period. This includes the following subject areas: Business Management and Organization, Communications, Marketing, Personnel/HR, and Personal Development.
  • The maximum credit for instructors, speakers or discussion leaders is 60 hours over 3 years.
  • Practice or personal development and management skills are limited to 24 hours over 3 years.
  • Authorship credits are limited to 60 hours over 3 years.
  • Self study credits must be QAS approved or interactive and are limited to 80 hours each 3 years.
  • Partial Credits are accepted.

Other State Policies

  • Formal self study courses must be interactive and/or QAS approved.
  • Qualifying programs are formal programs of learning that contribute directly to the professional competence of a CPA or PA after he or she has been issued a permit to practice public accounting.
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