License Renewal Date
4/30 triennially

CPE Reporting Period
1/1 to 12/31 triennially

General Requirement
120 hours

Ethics Requirement
4 hours in board approved ethics and regulations CPE. Ethics that is not board approved may be counted toward the technical and total hour requirement. Click here for a list of approved courses.

Other Subject Area Requirements

Credit Limitations

  • Non-technical CPE credit is limited to 24 CPE hours per 3-year period. Non-technical subjects are:  Communication skills; Interpersonal management skills; Leadership and personal development skills; Client and public relations; Practice development; Motivational and behavioral courses; and Speed reading and memory building.
  • Authorship/Publication Requirement - after the first 30 hours, any additional credit will be determined by the Board.
  • For both undergraduate and graduate courses one quarter credit equals 10 CPE credit hours and one semester credit equals 15 CPE credit hours.
  • Practice Review is limited to 32 hours of technical CPE credit each calendar year.
  • Credit for instruction is limited to 72 hours.
  • Half credits are allowed after the first hour.
  • Self-study is allowed full credit if interactive; half credit otherwise.

Other State Policies
Service on the Board's QAR Committee, QAR Team Captain or Reviewer, participation on other Board-approved quality or peer review committees may count for CPE credit.

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