License Renewal Date
12/31 of odd years

CPE Reporting Period
1/1 to 12/31 biennially ending on odd years

General Requirements
80 hours, with a minimum of 20 per year.

Ethics Requirement
Four hours of the 80 hours of required continuing education must be obtained in ethics and the Board's statutes and regulations under AS.04 and 12 AAC 04.

Other Subject Area Requirements

Credit Limitations

  • Authorship/Publication Requirement - Credit must be determined by the Board.
  • Self-Study Requirement - Credit must be determined by the Board.
  • Instructors can receive credit for each hour of instruction and a maximum of 2 hours credit for preparation for each hour of actual instruction.
  • The maximum credit for instructors is 30 hours every 2 years. No repetitions unless substantial changes in the materials.
  • Credit is given only for full hours and not for a fraction of an hour.
  • Academic credit limited to the following: 1 quarter hour equals 10 CPE hours; 1 semester hour equals 15 CPE hours; and 1 non-credit hour equals 1 CPE hour.
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