What is the User Dashboard

The user dashboard is the hub of you online account.

You will see that the dashboard is broken into 4 panels

  • My Products
  • My Saved Tests
  • My Certificates
  • My orders

My Products
This panel will contain your most resent purchased products. Click on the title of any product in this panel to be taken to the courses that are part of the product.

My Saved Tests
While working on a final exam you have the option to save the progress of your exam at any time. Any exam that you save will be placed in this panel.

My Certificates
Once you have completed and passed a final exam you will be awarded a certificate of completion. You will be given the option to print your certificate of completion from your exam results screen. If you do not print it from the results page or need to reprint your certificates you may do so from this panel at any time.

My orders
This panel will contain a list of orders you have placed. You may click on an order to view a printable receipt.

-All panels will only display the3 most recent records. If you need to view older records please click the view all link that appears at the bottom of the panel you would like to view.

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