How to begin a course?

Getting started on a course.

All courses will be accessed from the products panel under the "YOUR ACCOUNT" tab.

Your computer should read "Welcome______ to your User Dashboard.

Underneath the welcome you will see 4 boxes.  The top left box that says "My Products" is where your purchased products are located in your account.

Depending on the product you purchased your product may contain one or several courses.  Click on the title of the product you would like to access. This will take you to the courses page for the product you selected.

The courses page will display all the courses that are part of the product your selected. To view a course, click on the title of the course you would like to begin.  This will take you to the course description, Study materials, and the associated course exams.

You can sort courses by topic in the drop down menu then click the orange "filter" button.  You can also search by course name then click the orange "filter" button.

We recommend printing out the PDF copy of the final exam for your convenience.  Then open the study guide and begin the course.  When finished go back to the course and click the "EXAM" tab and go for exam.  Your certificate will be accessible instantaneously.

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