How to use your CPE 2.0 Program

Kristin Craig, Customer Service submited on 04/10/2022

Below is a walk through of how to use your CPE Package for new customers as well as a refresher for those that may have not have completed any classes in a while.


Please log into your account at



When you log into your account you will be taken to your user dashboard. From the dash board you will see 4 panels. The top left box will say "My Products"  In the product panel you will see the CPE 2.0 program listed. Click on that. That will take you to the list of courses already attached to your account under the 2.0 program.  If you are in the shopping cart, you are in the wrong part of the website and need to click on the "Your Account" tab to bring you to your User dashboard. You will know you are in the correct place when you see, "Welcome______ to your user dashboard".


Above the list of courses between the two blue bars you will see a text box (enter course name) and a drop-down menu (Select field of study) enter a key word or select a field of study then click on the orange filter button. Filtering your results will make it easier to find a course without having to go through multiple pages of courses.


Click on the courses title that you would like to begin. This will take you to the course detail page. On this page you will see three tabs. By default you will be on the course description tab. Click on the "material" tab to see the links for the study guides, PDF copy of the final exam and review questions (not all courses have separate files for review questions, some are integrated in the study guide). Click on the "exam" tab to see links for the final exams.  Most customers find it helpful to print out the exam and fill out the hard copy while going through the study guide. They then return and fill out the online exam with the answers they marked on the hard copy.


It is also recommended if your schedule permits, that you input your answers to any exams you have prepared prior to the end of the year. Our servers are robust, but they can slow down towards the end of the year as several THOUSAND users begin to complete exams all at once.  Customer service is available via Email and phone 1-800-977-8641 9:30 to  4:30 EST.


Thank you