Kristen Craig submited on 09/11/2021

We are pleased to announce we have a new author in our catalog.  We have added 17 new accounting courses authored by Kelen Camehl, CPA, MBA. 

The courses are as follows:


Accounting Changes and Error Corrections – 2 credits

Accounting for Business Combinations- 4 credits

Accounting Principle Changes -1 credit

Business Combinations Overview – 2 credits

Credit Losses on Financial Instruments – 4 credits

FASB Big 3 What you need to know about Rev Rec, Leases and Credit Losses – 5 credits

Goodwill Impairment Basics – 1 credit

Goodwill Impairment Testing – 2 credits

Lease Accounting and Reporting What you need to know – 2 credits

Principles of Financial Statement – 3.5 credits

Professional Ethics for CPAs 4 credits

Recognizing Assets and Liabilities in Business Combinations – 2 credits

Revenue Five Steps to Recognition – 2 credits

Revenue Recognition Principles -  4 credits

Segment Reporting a Detailed Review – 2 credits

Segment Reporting Basics – 1 credit

The New Lease Accounting Standards – 4 credits