Arrays: A Powerful Excel Tool

Arrays: A Powerful Excel Tool
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Credits: 2.0
Prerequisite: None
Level: Overview
Model: PM02
Author: Patricia McCarthy/Joe Helstrom
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Fields of study: Computer Software & Application
Format: PDF

Arrays are a powerful Excel tool that few people know about. It allows you to take multiple steps and consolidate them into one.

• If you are doing and IF statement in a separate column and then copying it down and then summing or averaging the results - an array will let you do it all in one step.
• Do you sit there and delete error values in a column so that you can sum them? This will show you a more efficient way
• Do you need to compare 2 lists and see what is different on one from the other?... Yes an array simplifies the process.

MATCH, ABS, SUMPRODUCT,SUMIF, NESTED IFs are briefly discussed and used in the Ebook.
The manual walks you slowly through each process. The manual is 42 pages.

Course Learning objectives

• Gain an understanding of who arrays work

• Understand how to utilize arrays in the workplace

Revision Date:10/15/21

Additional Contents : Complete, no additional material needed
Advance Preparation : None
Intended Participants :
Any CPA looking to maintain or enhance their professional competence

Course Declaration : Participants must complete the final examination within one year of purchase. A minimum passing grade of 70% or better is required to receive CPE
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